Series AW11B: Press-in Double Acting Wiper Seal

The AW11B series double acting wiper seal is a double lipped metal cased wiper, designed to press-fit into open groove housings.

The wiper is precision molded in elastomer with an accurately machined lip, and with a metal case designed to press fit in the housing thus retaining the wiper.

Standard lip materials 95 shore polyurethane or 85 shore nitrile rubber, models DKB, DKBI, 864, PAD are included.


The AW11B Series press in double acting wiper seals are suitable for light, medium and heavy duty applications, the wiper has been designed to provide ease of installation and offers excellent durability in service.

Typical applications include:

  • Mobile Hydraulics

  • Hydraulic Cylinder Rebuild

  • Agricultural Hydraulics

  • Construction Equipment

  • Hydraulic Presses

  • Injection Molding Machines


Ease of assembly

Long life

Wide range of application uses

Textured wiping lip minimising oil transfer

In large temperature range from -40 to 200°C

Nitrided metal case

Precision trimmed wiping lip reduces the risk of contaminant adherence on the wiper lip

AW11B press in wiper seal with NBR lip

AW10 press in wiper seal with PU lip

AF wiper seal